Scam Alert: ElectrumPro is not an upgrade to Electrum


If you’re beginning a brand new model, bear in mind to purchase all of the domains related to that title. Electrum is learning this the hard way.

Electrum, a popular bitcoin pockets service, makes use of electrum.org as its main internet handle. “An alleged scammer has since purchased the similar-sounding .com area, which they’re utilizing to imitate Electrum’s companies. It’s styled as Electrum Professional, “the world’s hottest bitcoin pockets.”

Electrum took to Twitter to clarify that it does not own electrum.com and that it is likely a ‘bitcoin stealing malware’.

On main inspection, ElectrumPro leaves little question about it being a rip-off. The web site makes an attempt to current their product as an improve to Electrum as if it belonged to the identical group.

Their web site lists four group members with damaged GitHub links and no other social media profiles. The names do not ring a bell in the blockchain community either. All community links are broken, except for a Twitter account with just one tweet:

It’s principally a course in “Learn how to spot a rip-off 101”.

When a person on Reddit questioned Electrum’s choice of not buying all the main domains associated with their brand as soon as the project went live, a team member replied,We tried. Again in 2012, the proprietor wished the worth of a home for that area.”

Apparently, electrum.com was being beforehand utilized by somebody within the US to promote power drinks/meals. The scammers have both hacked the area title, or purchased it legitimately. If it was the latter, and so they did the truth is pay the worth of a home, then they might be in for a loss — the area will doubtless be taken down as quickly as rip-off studies begin pouring in.

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